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Africa Green Week is a project of activities on environment, climate, and sustainable agriculture. It aims to bring together local people, experts, environmental activists, farmers, media, NGOs, governments, and various stakeholders to discuss environmental protection, green innovation, and climate change adaptation mechanisms in Africa. This project, supported by the Green Africa Initiative, was born out of the lack of information on the effects of climate change and the need to contribute more with endogenous solutions to meet the challenges of sustainable development on the continent.

Indeed, considering Africa's traditional practices and knowledge in the fight against climate change for better adaptation is essential to ensure an inclusive, relevant, and sustainable approach to the management of natural resources and the environment. 


Give value to local practice and knowledge

Local communities must be recognised as legitimate partners in proposing environmental and climate policies and in managing natural resources. It is therefore necessary to increase the involvement of these communities on the continent, which have valuable knowledge about their environment and about changes.

Documenting traditional knowledge on climate change, mitigation, and adaptation

Traditional ideas and social representations need to be documented so that they can be passed on to future generations and used by decision-makers. This documentation can take different forms, such as the production of media content (interviews, reports, stories, poems, drawings, podcasts, etc.) and the creation of databases.

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Fostering cooperation and promoting innovation with local knowledge

This involves establishing mechanisms that consider the integration of traditional knowledge into climate change and adaptation programmes. This can be done by encouraging cooperation between local communities, experts, and policymakers. This local knowledge can also inspire innovations to cope with climate change and adapt to its impacts. Research and development programmes should be encouraged to find new solutions based on this African traditional knowledge.

Africa Green Week therefore aims to raise awareness and promote all actions, innovations and good practices, whether modern or traditional, on issues related to climate change, the environment and sustainable agriculture in Africa. 


The event will bring together participants from all over the continent and from different backgrounds, including endogenous knowledge holders, governments, civil society, businesses, international organisations and institutions, etc., to discuss challenges and opportunities, to propose strategies for mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change and to develop solutions based on local thinking and action. It will provide a platform for African stakeholders to share best practices and develop strategies for a more sustainable future.

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